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UN Women/Uma Bista

Mobile Film Festival tackles universal goal of women’s empowerment

Documenting women’s empowerment globally is the theme of this year’s Mobile Film Festival, co-organized by UN Women, the UN agency that promotes gender equality.   

People everywhere are invited to participate by submitting one-minute films shot on their mobile phones before the deadline of 20 October. 

Cristina Silveiro spoke to Bruno Smadja who founded the festival, now in its 16th international edition. 

UNHCR Lebanon

Film festival in Lebanon seeks to unmask the lives of Syrian refugees

A film festival has been held for the first time in Beirut, Lebanon, in an attempt to expose the plight of Syrian refugees settling in the country.

Mirielle Girard, the UN’s Refugee Agency’s (UNHCR) representative in Lebanon, said that the festival is aimed at showing people what is “behind the statistics”.

She added that xenophobia in Lebanon is “mounting” due to slow economic growth caused by the war in Syria and refugees overcrowding the country’s population.