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“Think critically” to counter violent extremism, youth advised

Emotional vulnerability is making young people prime targets for recruitment by violent extremists.

That’s one of the messages to emerge from a panel on youth and countering violent extremism, at UN Headquarters in early July.

Youth Civil Activism Network, or YouthCAN, led the discussion, which demonstrated ways in which included ways in which positive messaging could help reach young people at school and through social media.

Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson.
Jean-Marc Ferré (file)

UN pays tribute to British parliamentarian Jo Cox

Standing up for values and principles that unite us – not divide us – and never succumbing to violent provocations in today’s world is vital so that extremists and perpetrators do not declare victory, the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General emphasized today at a ceremony in tribute to Jo Cox, the United Kingdom Member of Parliament who was killed this past week.

40 million youth in Sahel at risk of radicalization or migration

The Sahel region in Africa risks becoming a hub for mass migration or recruitment by extremist groups without sustained international engagement, the Security Council heard on Wednesday.

UN envoy Hiroute Guebre Sellassie told the 15-member body that security is the main concern for the region, whose countries are among the poorest in the world.

In addition to the threats posed by terrorist organizations such as Boko Haram, Sahel countries are also combating drug trafficking, desertification and lack of opportunities for their young people.

Dianne Penn reports.