In Morocco, UN-backed forum highlights role of religious leaders in preventing atrocities

At a forum on the role of religious leaders in preventing incitement to violence and atrocities, which opened today in Fez, Morocco, a senior UN rights official stressed the importance of religious leaders worldwide in the prevention, mitigation and resolution of conflicts.

At UN, religious and political leaders weigh strategies to stem rising tide of intolerance, extremism

Senior United Nations officials today called on the international community “in the name of our shared humanity to unite in courage and resolve” against intolerance at a critical time when people, communities and nations are grappling with disparity and radicalism.

UN Member States, faith leaders set for talks in New York on tolerance and fostering peace

The United Nations is set to host at its New York Headquarters a meeting bringing together the Organization's Member States with faith leaders to discuss ways to promote tolerance and reconciliation, as well as to address the challenges of countering radicalization and extremism.

Preventing violent extremism, promoting human rights go hand-in-hand, Ban tells Washington summit

In Washington D.C. for a summit hosted by the United States on countering violent extremism, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon today warned leaders against “discarding our moral compass” and giving into fear, as he called for “cool heads and common sense” to deal with what may very well be “the greatest test our human family faces in the 21st century.”

UN official says recent terror attacks represent ‘exact opposite’ of values of peace, stability

The High Representative for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, Nassir Al-Nasser, said today that the “vicious forces” of extremism, violence and terrorism should not hamper international efforts to prevent and combat such forces.

Rising extremism warrants global response, says Secretary-General

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has stressed the need for forging common solutions to shared problems, in particular the growing threat of extremism, which like many of today’s challenges affects all countries, large and small.