UN rights expert urges States to step-up anti-slavery efforts to protect most vulnerable during COVID-19 

A UN human rights expert urged governments on Tuesday to increase protection for those millions of workers, who due to the COVID-19 pandemic, risk being pushed into exploitative jobs that are tantamount to slavery.

Strong partnership between UN and Member States vital to end sexual exploitation and abuse

Senior United Nations officials on Thursday underscored the importance of a strong partnership between the Organization and Member States in moving forward with efforts to prevent and address sexual exploitation and abuse.

FEATURE: 'We all have to do what we can' to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse – Jane Holl Lute

The United Nations has a “zero tolerance” policy towards sexual abuse by anyone working under the blue flag. The matter is one of such weight for the Organization that earlier this year, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed Jane Holl Lute as the Special Coordinator on improving the UN response to sexual exploitation and abuse.

UN chief presents Security Council with special measures to curb sexual exploitation

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today presented to the Security Council special measures aimed at ending impunity, helping and supporting victims, and strengthening accountability as part of a more effective collective response to sexual exploitation and abuse by United Nations personnel.

Estonia working hard to reduce child exploitation, UN human rights expert finds

Estonia is taking clear steps to protect its children from prostitution, pornography and exploitation, but its young people remain at risk and continued vigilance from authorities is needed, an independent United Nations human rights expert warned today after visiting the Baltic country.

UN peacekeeping panel seeks new measures against sexual exploitation

The United Nations Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations today called for continued efforts to formulate measures against sexual exploitation and abuse involving countries contributing troops to the world body's missions.

UN establishes disciplinary units to eliminate sexual abuse by peacekeepers

Upgrading the drive to eliminate sexual abuse by peacekeepers following reports over the past year and a half of peacekeepers exploiting vulnerable women and girls in their area of deployment, eight United Nations missions have been ordered to immediately establish disciplinary units staffed by senior-level experts on personnel conduct.

Security Council condemns sexual abuses by UN peacekeeping personnel

The Security Council today strongly condemned all acts of sexual abuse and exploitation committed by UN peacekeeping personnel, underlining the importance of maintaining zero tolerance for such abuses and advocating their investigation and punishment.

Sexual exploitation of children rises in Gambia, government and UNICEF say

Sexual abuse and exploitation of children in Gambia is rising because of sex tourism from Britain and Northern Europe and "sugar daddy" relationships with adult nationals of the West African country, according to a report from the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the Gambian Government.

UNICEF launches travel agents' code to help combat child sex tourism

With reports indicating that a quarter of international sex tourists are American, and that the number of children being exploited worldwide estimated at 2 million and growing, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) today launched a code-of-conduct for the North American travel industry.