UN backs mass measles immunization amid concern at new cases in Ethiopia

A mass United Nations-backed measles immunization campaign is currently underway in Ethiopia, targeting more than 5.8 million children aged under the age of 5 following growing fears earlier this year over the rise in new cases of the disease.

Faced with intransigence, Annan suggests cuts to UN Ethiopian-Eritrean peace mission

Faced with Ethiopia’s refusal to implement the binding decisions of a Boundary Commission and Eritrea’s imposition of “harsh, humiliating impediments,” Secretary-General Kofi Annan is proposing a major reduction in the United Nations mission monitoring the ceasefire that ended the border war between the two countries six years ago.

Yemen: UN voices growing concern over imminent deportation of Ethiopians

Despite repeated appeals Yemen has still not granted the United Nations refugee agency access to 126 Ethiopian boat people who have been detained for almost two weeks and are now threatened with imminent deportation.

UN extends emergency food airlift to hundreds of thousands of flood victims in Ethiopia

The United Nations today extended its emergency airlift of food for flood victims in the Horn of Africa to Ethiopia, sending in helicopters with relief supplies for hundreds of thousands of people stranded by the surging waters that have cut off or severely restricted land contact.

UN agency sends food for tens of thousands of flood victims in Ethiopia

With extensive flooding again hitting south-eastern Ethiopia, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is sending nearly 2,000 metric tons of cereals, pulses, vegetable oil and food fortified with vitamins for tens of thousands of people affected by the disaster in the country’s Somali region.

Eritrean-Ethiopian border zone is volatile after troop deployment, says UN mission

The situation inside the buffer zone along the disputed border between Eritrea and Ethiopia has become volatile after Eritrea moved 1,500 troops and 14 tanks into the area, the United Nations peacekeeping mission to the two countries reported today.

Security Council urges Eritrea to ‘immediately withdraw’ troops from zone with Ethiopia

Expressing deep concern over reports that Eritrea has moved around 1,500 troops and 15 tanks into the Temporary Security Zone with Ethiopia, the United Nations Security Council today called for them to be withdrawn and urged both sides to exercise restraint in their long-standing border dispute that erupted into a two-year war in 1998.

In ‘major’ ceasefire breach, Eritrean troops move into security zone with Ethiopia – UN

Eritrean troops have moved some 1,500 troops and 14 tanks into the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ) separating the East African country from Ethiopia in “a major breach” of the ceasefire that ended the two-year border war between the two from 1998-2000, the United Nations reported today.

Ethiopia says Eritrea breached Security Council resolutions on border dispute

Eritrea must withdraw its troops from the temporary security zone along its border with Ethiopia and renounce the use of force to resolve the conflict between the two nations before genuine dialogue to solve that dispute can begin, Ethiopia’s Ambassador Negash Kebret told the General Assembly today.

Acting UN envoy to Ethiopia and Eritrea delivers Annan’s latest report to the Council

The acting United Nations envoy to Ethiopia and Eritrea today delivered Secretary-General Kofi Annan's latest report on the border dispute between the two countries - where he recommended extending the UN monitoring mission for six months and warned of potential disaster if the "untenable" stalemate is not resolved - to the Security Council.