UN chairs meeting with military officials from Ethiopia and Eritrea

Senior military officials from Ethiopia and Eritrea attending a meeting in Nairobi chaired by the United Nations today agreed to steps aimed at promoting stability between their two countries, which fought a bitter war from 1998-2000.

Canada's ex-Foreign Minister Axworthy named UN envoy to Eritrea, Ethiopia

Concerned about the lack of progress in arbitrating the border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea according to the Algiers Agreement, United Nations Kofi Annan today appointed former Canadian Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy his Special Envoy for the two Horn of Africa countries.

UN officials to investigate reports of exodus from western Ethiopia into Sudan

The United Nations refugee and food relief agencies have sent staff to the town of Pochalla in southern Sudan to assess reports that thousands of Ethiopian and Sudanese Anuaks have fled there to escape inter-ethnic violence in western Ethiopia.

Security Council urges political dialogue between Ethiopia and Eritrea

Expressing concern about the lack of progress in marking a boundary between Ethiopia and Eritrea, the United Nations Security Council today called on the two Horn of Africa governments to establish a broad political dialogue that would help to improve their relations.

Peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea requires border demarcation, Annan says

Warning that the situation between Ethiopia and Eritrea remains precarious, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has called on both parties to expedite the demarcation of their common border – a fundamental requirement for peace between the Horn of Africa nations.