Political support needed to boost Asia-Pacific’s energy security – UN

Increased political will is needed across the Asia-Pacific so that the region can shift from energy insecurity to a more sustainable form of energy that helps the most vulnerable, a senior United Nations official has stressed.

UN agency provides technology training for Asia-Pacific officials

Asia-Pacific policymakers are undergoing a new information and communication technology (ICT) training workshop run by the United Nations, aimed at using ICTs to achieve social and economic development goals as well as bridging the digital divide.

At UN gathering, Asia-Pacific nations agree to cooperate on renewable energy

Asia-Pacific countries reached an agreement at a United Nations meeting in Bangkok to boost their collaboration on developing renewable energy in a bid to decrease their reliance on fossil fuels and enhance their long-term energy security.

Asia-Pacific must encourage sustainable, efficient energy use – Ban Ki-moon

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on Asia-Pacific countries to promote the sustainable and efficient use of energy, given the backdrop of surging oil prices and the health problems caused by traditional fuels.

UN meeting explores how to boost economies of landlocked developing countries

Experts from Asia and Europe have gathered at a United Nations-backed meeting which opened today in Bangkok to discuss progress made in efforts to link landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) in the Asia-Pacific region to sea ports.

UN distance-learning programme helps statisticians get better numbers

Statisticians from India and Cambodia today completed the first video conferencing course provided by a new United Nations programme that aims to boost the quality of information received from Governments of developing countries.

Neglect of agriculture in Asia leaves hundreds of millions in poverty – UN report

Chronic neglect of agriculture in Asia and the Pacific has left over 200 million people in extreme poverty amid rising prices for foodstuffs and despite robust growth in other sectors, according to a United Nations report released today.

Urbanization brings both growth and poverty to Asia-Pacific region – UN

The pace of urbanization in Asia and the Pacific – unparalleled by any other area in the world – has resulted in growth but has also driven up poverty within cities, the United Nations commission covering the region said today.

Pacific island States, facing unique development challenges, win UN boost

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) will strengthen its Pacific Operations Centre as part of its campaign to provide greater support for the region’s island nations, which are facing critical development challenges given their size, relative isolation and vulnerability to climate change.

Asian economies will be able to weather 2008 uncertainties, UN predicts

The Asia-Pacific region is likely to continue to see strong economic growth this year, despite uncertainties posed by a slowing United States economy, according to a new United Nations report.