Asia-Pacific environment at boiling point; green growth crucial, UN report warns

Asian and Pacific societies are already living beyond their ecological means, and if they are to continue their much-needed economic expansion, they will have to shift towards efficient ‘green growth’ patterns, according to a new United Nations report released today.

Asia-Pacific region set to enjoy strong growth, but perils ahead, warns UN forecast

A resurgent Japan will help the Asia-Pacific region offset any impact from a slowing United States economy, but there are increasing risks of a downside to the recent strong growth in developing countries, according to a new study by a United Nations regional body.

Ancient Silk Road to get its modern railway counterpart at UN regional conference

A railway version of the famed Silk Road is set to move a step closer to reality at a regional United Nations transport conference that opened in the Republic of Korea (ROK) today, with an agreement for a trans-continental network linking national systems from Armenia to Viet Nam.

UN meeting on Asia-Pacific seeks to close huge financial gap for development

A major United Nations meeting on the Asia-Pacific region today adopted a series of resolutions towards closing an annual $180-billion financing gap in crucial infrastructure development to improve the lives of nearly 700 million of the area’s most vulnerable and poorest people.

UN meeting on Asia-Pacific mulls two-track approach for regional development

A major United Nations meeting on the Asia-Pacific region today discussed a two-track approach to cooperation focusing on both cross-border infrastructure development, such as highways and railways, and infrastructure investment like bonds and a development bank.

Asia-Pacific region faces staggering infrastructure needs, UN meeting is told

In spite of some gains in transport, notably the Trans-Asian Railway Network and the Asian Highway Network, a staggering $600 billion a year is needed for infrastructure development in Asia-Pacific region as a whole, a major United Nations regional meeting was told today.

Jobs, global economy, cooperation top agenda of UN Asia-Pacific meeting

A major United Nations regional conference for Asia and the Pacific opened today with a wide-ranging agenda that seeks to energize the global economy, tackle the growing threat of unemployment and underemployment, and enhance cooperation in infrastructure development.

Economic growth must be harmonized with natural environment: UN conference

Representatives of Asian and Pacific governments meeting at a United Nations-sponsored conference in Bangkok today pledged to harmonize economic growth with environmental sustainability in addressing climate change, air pollution, industrial development and energy issues.