Situation in Eritrea ‘desperately bleak,’ UN expert warns urging aid for fleeing refugees

A United Nations expert today urged the international community to focus on the human rights situation in Eritrea which she said is extremely concerning with the most serious violations being committed and with up to 3,000 people flee every month, many of them unaccompanied children.

Deaths of over 110 people off Italian coast reminder of ordeal of migrants

More than 110 bodies have been recovered from a tragedy that happened off the Italian island of Lampedusa on Thursday.

Many more are still missing after a smugglers’ boat, carrying about 500 migrants, mainly Eritreans, sank in the Mediterranean.

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The end of a long, silent journey: Two Eritreans in Libya

David and his wife Amitu arrived in Tripoli, Libya in the middle of its Arab spring revolution in 2011. Their long and arduous journey started by crossing the Sahara desert from Eritrea, to Sudan into Libya.

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Independent UN expert stresses need to improve human rights situation in Eritrea

The international community must keep Eritrea under “close scrutiny”, an independent United Nations expert said today, stressing the need to fundamentally transform the East African nation’s “current culture of rights denial.”