UN mission calls on Ethiopia, Eritrea to show restraint after shooting incident

The United Nations peacekeeping mission monitoring the ceasefire between Ethiopia and Eritrea today called on both sides to show maximum restraint after a shooting incident in the border area where the two countries fought a two-year war that ended in 2000.

Security Council calls on Ethiopia and Eritrea to resolve boundary dispute

The Security Council today urged Ethiopia and Eritrea to implement without delay a 2002 ruling on the delimitation of their common border, stressing the need for the two African neighbours to settle their disagreements peacefully.

Tension, military build-up continues on Ethiopia-Eritrea border – Ban Ki-moon

The continuing tensions between Ethiopia and Eritrea, the failure to resolve their longstanding boundary dispute and the military build-up along their common border are causes for serious concern, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon states in a new report.

Ban Ki-moon urges restraint by Ethiopia and Eritrea as tensions rise

Voicing his concern at escalating tensions between Ethiopia and Eritrea, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on the two East African neighbours to show maximum restraint and abide by the accords that ended their border war seven years ago.

Long-term Eritrean refugees in eastern Sudan need durable solution – UN agency

The United Nations refugee agency said today it is searching for long-term solutions for the tens of thousands of Eritreans who have crossed into eastern Sudan because of deteriorating political and human rights conditions in their homeland, including some who fled decades ago.

Security Council extends UN mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea

The Security Council today agreed to extend the mandate by six months of the United Nations peacekeeping mission monitoring the ceasefire that ended the border war between Ethiopia and Eritrea in 2000, voicing concern about the ongoing tensions between the two African neighbours.

Ban Ki-moon calls for efforts to break Ethiopia-Eritrea peace process stalemate

Pledging the support of the United Nations in efforts to resolve the stalemate between Ethiopia and Eritrea, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged the two countries to uphold their commitment signed agreements.

UN-backed operation resettles Eritreans in United States

Some 700 ethnic Kunama refugees from Eritrea are getting a new start in the United States thanks to a United Nations-backed operation that is flying them there after years of exile in northern Ethiopia.

Concerned at growing Ethiopia-Eritrea tensions, Security Council urges restraint

Voicing concern over increased friction between Ethiopia and Eritrea, which have hit a stalemate in efforts to resolve their border dispute, the United Nations Security Council today called on both Horn of Africa countries to refrain from violence.

Ban Ki-moon voices concern over impasse in Ethiopia-Eritrea peace process

In a new report made public today, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed his concern for the stalemate in the dialogue between Ethiopia and Eritrea, calling for a comprehensive implementation of the Algiers Agreements in 2000 which ended the bloody war between the two East African countries.