Military situation in area separating Ethiopia from Eritrea 'potentially volatile' – UN

The military situation in the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ) separating Ethiopia and Eritrea remains “tense and potentially volatile,” a spokesman for the United Nations peacekeeping mission there, which has been forced to relocate some staff because of Eritrean demands, said today.

UN says tension remains between Eritrea and Ethiopia despite redeployments

The military situation in and around the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ) that separates Ethiopian and Eritrean forces remains tense and potentially volatile, even though Ethiopian troops have started pulling back in accordance with Security Council demands, the United Nations mission keeping the truce in the region said today.

With peacekeepers leaving Eritrea, UN mission at a crossroads, official says

As staff members of the United Nations mission meant to keep the truce between Ethiopia and Eritrea began pulling out of Eritrea for security reasons following new restrictions placed on them by that Government, the head of UN peacekeeping stressed that the Mission is at a critical crossroads.

Some UN staff will temporarily relocate out of Eritrea but military presence will continue, Security Council decides

Reiterating its condemnation of Eritrea’s request last week for the pullout of United Nations personnel of specified nationalities, as well as its earlier ban on peacekeeping flights, the Security Council today decided to temporarily relocate some military and civilian staff now in that country to Ethiopia for their safety.

UN officials arrive in Eritrea, attempting to defuse peacekeeping crisis

The top United Nations officials travelling to the Horn of Africa at the urgent request of Secretary-General Kofi Annan to defuse the crisis caused when Eritrea requested the pullout of peacekeeping personnel of certain nationalities have arrived in the capital of that country, Asmara.

Top UN officials head to Ethiopia and Eritrea in bid to ease tensions

Two top United Nations officials are expected to arrive in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Sunday and in Eritrea Tuesday, acting on the urgent request of Secretary-General Kofi Annan to ease tensions after Eritrea requested the pullout of personnel of certain national origin.

Top UN officials sent to Ethiopia and Eritrea after latter’s request to oust UN staff

Following the UN’s rejection yesterday of Eritrea’s request for the pullout of personnel of specified nationalities, Secretary-General Kofi Annan has decided to send two top United Nations officials to the Horn of Africa to assess the situation on the ground and suggest next steps to improve it, a spokesman for the world body said today.

Annan, Security Council condemn Eritrea's planned eviction of UN personnel

Eritrea today requested that members of the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) who are nationals of key States leave that operation, drawing immediate condemnation from the Security Council and Secretary-General Kofi Annan, as well as a world body's senior peacekeeping official, who said there will be no pullout of personnel.

UN reports troop movements on both sides of Eritrean-Ethiopian border

Troop movements have been noticed on both sides of the Eritrean-Ethiopian border, where the two countries fought a war from 1998 to 2000, and where restrictions on United Nations peacekeeping patrols continue, with many being prevented from going off main roads to carry out their monitoring functions.

Increasing restrictions on Eritrean-Ethiopian border hampering UN peace mission

Increasing restrictions on the freedom of movement of United Nations peacekeepers following an Eritrean ban on helicopter flights has made it harder to warn the international community of any new outbreak of hostilities on the tense frontier with Ethiopia, where the two countries fought a two-year border war.