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eradicate hunger

WFP/Marwa Awad

Central Sahel on the ‘cusp of disaster’: WFP’s Marwa Awad

Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger are facing a “toxic combination” of escalating violence, displacement, hunger, poverty and climate change, which has driven the whole central Sahel region to the “cusp of disaster”.

That’s according to World Food Programme (WFP) spokesperson, Marwa Awad, who was in Burkina Faso just a few days ago, where already this year, civilian deaths are four times the level they were for the whole of 2018, and close to half a million have been displaced.

She spoke to UN News’s Matt Wells

UN News/Alexandre Soares

Digital innovation powering WFP efforts to end refugee hunger

Digital cash vouchers powered by the revolutionary technology behind the Bitcoin cryptocurrency are helping the UN ensure that food aid is getting to where it’s needed most.

For our latest Lid Is On podcast, Dianne Penn talks to the World Food Programme’s (WFP) innovation chief, Robert Opp, about the new, cost-effective and secure technology that’s making a difference to the lives of thousands of refugees.

Music credit: Within the Earth, by Ketsa

OCHA/Josephine Guerrero

Political will needed to eradicate hunger

The international community is being urged to find the political will to help break the cycle of poverty by promoting the new global development goal on hunger.

The UN says, 800 million people around the still do not get enough to eat.

In September, 17 new targets were agreed to eradicate hunger by 2030.

On World Food Day, marked annually on 16 October, Daniel Dickinson has been speaking to the UN World Food Programme’s Gerald Bourke.