World governments agree to boost global status of UN environmental agency

World governments today “upgraded” the global status of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) by opening its governing body to all 193 UN Member States.

Migrants usually stuck ‘between rock and hard place”: IOM

The plight of migrants who are stranded in crisis situations as a result of man-made or natural disasters is the focus of this year’s International Migrants Day.

The day is observed on 18 December each year to highlight issues that affect millions of migrants around the world.

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International Mountain Day calls for an end to neglect of mountains

It's time to stop neglecting mountains. That is the call from the United Nations and the Food and Agriculture Organization on the occasion of International Mountain Day, celebrated every year on the 11th of December.

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Sahel crisis under spotlight in Security Council

The ongoing crisis in the Sahel region of Africa was under the spotlight in the Security Council on Monday.

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UN ready to help typhoon-hit Philippines: Ban Ki-moon

More than 500 people are reported to have been killed and hundreds more are missing after Typhoon Bopha devastated parts of southern Philippines.

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Kenya: Growing with the flow

Thousands of poor farmers living on the slopes of East Mount Kenya depend on seasonal rains to water their crops.

The water situation in that area of the country has also been affected by decades of excessive logging which reduced forest cover and slowed water flow.

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UN-Habitat introduces “Prosperity Index” to rate world’s cities

In a new released report entitled “State of the World Cities 2012/13” the United Nations Human Settlements Programme  (UN-Habitat) ranked the world’s cities in terms of prosperity, which they evaluated along a newly introduced “Prosperity index”.

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Resource degradation can impact upon countries’ sovereign debt repayments – UN report

The degradation of natural resources negatively affects countries’ ability to repay their sovereign debts, a new United Nations report said today, stressing that sustainable resource management is needed to encourage medium- and long-term investments.

Young envoys study best environmental practices during Germany field trip

More than 40 students from developing countries recently took part in a week-long study tour of Germany where they learned first-hand about best environmental practices.

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Gambia’s first woman chief plants the seeds of change

The Gambia’s first woman village chief is not only changing perceptions of what a chief looks like, but also of what they do.

Fatou Danso, who is also a farmer, has redistributed land that previously was farmed solely by men so that women can grow crops to support their families.

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