“Action is at the base” implementing New Urban Agenda for Africa

When it comes to the New Urban Agenda for world cities, action needs to start at “the base” and not come from the top-down.

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UN will “do the right thing” for Haitian people

The UN is determined to “do the right thing” on behalf of the Haitian people when it comes to the damaging effects of cholera and Hurricane Matthew.

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Project brings water to farmers in dry areas of Guatemala

Some farmers in Guatemala have lost up to 80 per cent of their harvests this year due to changing weather patterns and poor rainfall, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) reports.

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“Make roads safer” to walk and cycle: UNEP

“Road networks have been built for cars and not to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians, making it unsafe for them.”

That’s according to the director of the UN’s Environment Programme (UNEP) in New York.

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Hurricane Matthew leaves extensive damage in eastern Cuba

Some 350,000 people in eastern Cuba have been affected by Hurricane Matthew, according to a senior UN official in the country.

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Gains of Habitat III will be "useless" without effective implementation

The adoption of a new agenda to transform the world's cities will be "useless" unless countries and cities implement it.

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UN and Africa: focus on Somalia elections, New Urban Agenda and CAR

Somalia electoral season begins

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UN Gender Focus: New Urban Agenda, Yazidis and Haiti hurricane response

New Urban Agenda guarantees rights of women and girls

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Campaign tackles health impact of air pollution in cities

A new initiative has been launched to raise awareness about the health impacts of air pollution which the World Health Organization (WHO) calls “an invisible kil

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900 million more Africans will be living in cities by 2050

Around 900 million people will move to cities in Africa over the next 35 years, according to a director of the African Development Bank, who is attending the UN’s Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador.

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