Time to get the word out about the new global climate deal

More work needs to be done to ensure people around the world know about the new global climate change agreement.

The universal deal was agreed by world leaders in December in Paris, France.

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Funding urgently needed to avert “catastrophe” in Ethiopia

The UN Secretary-General is visiting drought-affected communities in Ethiopia on the margins of the African Union summit, which concludes this Sunday in the capital, Addis Ababa.

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Livestock training programme empowers rural women in Rwanda

Rwanda leads the world when it comes to the number of women serving in parliament.

More than half the elected officials there are women.

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Making Sustainable Energy for All a reality

The New Year brings new focus on ensuring that people everywhere have access to clean and affordable energy sources.

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Shark attack victim, turns advocate

A South African man who lost his leg in a shark attack is on a global quest to save the fish.

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Business community meets to galvanize action on clean energy

Investors and business leaders from around the world have gathered at the UN to scale up investment in clean energy sources.

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Nuclear fallout playing vital role in preserving world soils

Fallout from nuclear testing in the mid-20th Century is playing a vital role in helping to protect the world’s soils.

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Sustainable transport requires multiple options

Decision makers around the world need to provide people with a range of sustainable transport options, especially in cities; that’s according to a member of the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level

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Addressing gender gap could boost productivity of women farmers

Women farmers could be up to 25% more productive if they’re more rights to carry out their work.

That’s the view of the Assistant Secretary-General of UN Women.

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UN and Africa: focus on prison conditions in Benin, drought in Ethiopia and Niger elections

Benin authorities urged to tackle “inhumane” prison conditions

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