Baku comes late to urban planning

A plan to improve the quality of life in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, is being supported by the World Bank.

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Fish-drying technology boosts livelihoods in Ivorian towns

A new fish-drying technology pioneered in West African fishing villages by the Food and Agriculture Agency, (FAO) is helping to improve health and boost livelihoods.

Smoked fish is a vital source of food and income for many African coastal communities.

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Land governance programme to protect vulnerable communities

Vulnerable communities across Africa are to be supported by a new programme on land governance aimed at promoting sustainable development and protecting legitimate tenure rights.

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UN Forum on Forests at “crossroads” says its director

The importance of forests in supporting life is being highlighted in 2015 which the UN has designated as the year for global action for sustainable development.

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Japan praised for progress in decommissioning nuclear reactor

Japan has been praised by the UN’s atomic energy agency, for the progress it has made in shutting down a nuclear reactor which was damaged by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

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Sharks to swim more safely with software

Sharks may be able to swim the world’s oceans more safely one day thanks to a new digital technique developed by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

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New software may allow better protection of endangered shark species, says UN agency

The United Nations agricultural agency has today announced the launch of a new technology that will allow quick identification of species of the fish while better helping to protect endangered shark species and to combat illegal trade in shark fins.

Africa tackles challenges of extreme weather hazards

Africa is not well equipped to forecast weather conditions and respond to disasters, according to a senior official from Malawi.

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Veterinary services in Africa not equipped to respond to Ebola

Veterinary services in Africa are not equipped to detect or respond quickly to an outbreak of the Ebola virus in animals, the Food and Agriculture Organization (

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$ 2 billion needed to fight hunger in Sahel

Close to US$2 billion are needed to address the food and malnutrition crisis in the Sahel region of West Africa, according to the UN.

20 million people in the Sahel are currently food insecure, the humanitarian envoy for the region has warned on Thursday.

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