Rising number of vehicles feeds deadly air pollution in Asian cities – UN-backed report

With 600,000 people in Asia dying prematurely from air pollution each year, the continent’s major cities face a key challenge in reducing the daunting figure, according to a new United Nations-backed report: although vehicle emissions are being reduced, the volume of vehicles is rising rapidly.

UN-backed group boosts environmental safeguards for Europe’s Carpathian region

The Carpathian region of Europe, a vast area of forests, streams and mountains that is home to brown bears, wolves, bison, lynx, imperial eagles and other globally threatened birds, received further protection at a United Nations-backed conference today with the adoption of immediate steps to promote environment-friendly tourism and conservation there.

Global alliance needed to defend mountains as vital source of biodiversity – UN agency

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today called for a global alliance to safeguard the world’s mountains as a vital source of both agricultural and wild biodiversity.

Governments vow to speed up efforts on electronic waste after UN-backed conference

The member governments to a United Nations-sponsored global pact on the transport and disposal of hazardous waste agreed today to accelerate their efforts to reduce the impact and damage caused by the rapid recent growth in electronic waste.