Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed visits the Adopt-a-River initiative at Kawangware Primary School, Nairobi to witness, first-hand, ecosystem restoration efforts.
© UNEP/Artan Jama

Turning waste to wealth: In Nairobi, UN deputy chief lauds youth-led development solutions

Kenya’s Nzambi Matee beams brightly, thrusting a brick forth to coincide with the click of the camera. It is no ordinary brick – the entire thing is made from plastic waste – and no ordinary photo, either. Behind her, stands the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Amina Mohammed. Ms. Mohammed rests her hands on Nzambi’s shoulder, undoubtedly proud of her. Around her are a dozen other young environmental advocates.

UNDP Tuvalu/Aurélia Rusek

Solidarity through song: Tongan musician hails Pacific Unite Concert

Pacific communities are coming together through song and music in just a few hours’ time, to help beat back the coronavirus pandemic and assist vulnerable nations in the region build a better future.

The Pacific Unite Concert, on Saturday, will be paying tribute to essential workers for their lifesaving effort, and supporting all islanders to play their part in preventing transmission.

One of the musicians taking part is Mia Kami, from Tonga, but based in Fiji, who’s also a climate change activist with the 350.org international grassroots movement. 


UN opens Biodiversity Year with plea to save world's ecosystems

In a bid to curb the unprecedented loss of the world's species due to human activity – at a rate some experts put at 1,000 times the natural progression – the United Nations is marking 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity, with a slew of events highlighting the vital role the phenomenon plays in maintaining the life support system on Planet Earth.