At Abu Dhabi forum, Ban calls for ensuring clean energy future for all

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Sunday called on participants at a forum in Abu Dhabi to help advance the goal of a clean energy future for all, stressing the advantages of renewables for communities, for economic growth and for the planet.

Ban calls for support for access to affordable energy in Africa

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today call for greater support of efforts to provide 600 million people in Africa with affordable and sustainable energy to enable the continent accelerate social and economic development.

Universal access to clean energy vital for reducing poverty, UN officials stress

It is vital for countries in Asia and the Pacific to have national policies that will ensure universal access to clean and efficient energy services to advance poverty reduction and improve health and well-being, United Nations officials told a meeting in Bangkok.

Clean energy revolution will put world on safer, more equitable path – Ban

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for a clean energy revolution to help transform the global economy and put the world on a cleaner, safer, more equitable path.

Ban calls for global revolution to ensure clean energy for all

With 1.6 billion people in developing countries still lacking access to electricity, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called for a global revolution to address the world’s energy challenges.

UN chief to visit United Arab Emirates and Oman next week

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will travel next week to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman, during which he will attend the annual summit on energy that opens in Abu Dhabi on Monday.

Iceland issues call at UN for poorer countries to harness potential of geothermal energy

Geothermal energy could answer a substantial part of the energy demands of many poorer countries, Iceland’s Foreign Minister said today, telling United Nations Member States that it was time to consider initiatives to transfer expertise and financing to those nations in need.

UN agency highlights potential of jatropha plant as energy source for the poor

Jatropha, a wild plant that grows well in dry areas on degraded lands and can be processed into biofuel, has potential as a low-cost energy source for poor farmers, according to a new United Nations report, which adds that further research is still needed on this crop.

Investing in renewable energy could propel Kazakhstan’s development – UN

The head of the United Nations agency that promotes industrial development to help countries eradicate poverty today urged Kazakhstan to invest in renewable energy to raise efficiency, boost energy security and tackle climate change.

Experts publish research to help UN facilitate universal access to energy

United Nations officials and international experts have co-authored a research paper that outlines design tools which can be used in measuring access to sources of energy.