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Older Persons and COVID-19: Policy Brief

António Guterres (United Nations Secretary-General) on the Launch of the Policy Brief on Older Persons
The COVID-19 pandemic is causing untold fear and suffering for older people across the world. 
The fatality rate for older people is higher overall, and for those over 80, it is five times the global average. 
Beyond its immediate health impact, the pandemic is putting older people at greater risk of poverty, discrimination and isolation. It is likely to have a particularly devastating impact on older people in developing countries.

Diane Paloma is the CEO of Lunalilo Home in Honolulu, Hawaii.
UN News/Daniel Dickinson

First Person: Hawaii’s ‘silver tsunami’: the challenge of caring for kupuna elders

The 17 goals agreed by the global community to reduce poverty and create a sustainable planet are the responsibility of all people, wherever they are in the world, according to the United Nations. The Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs represent a boundary-pushing blueprint for the future of the Earth and it’s anticipated they will be realized by 2030. UN News joined the International Labour Organization on a visit to Hawaii where many people are already living aspects of the goals in their everyday work. 

Liz Oke

News in Brief 27 March 2020

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