El Niño

Warmer months ahead for many parts of the planet: UN weather agency

Many parts of the world can expect above average temperatures in the coming months even without the presence of an El Niño event to drive warming, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Monday. 

El Niño likely to contribute to worsening food situation for millions in Zimbabwe

Farmers in Zimbabwe have already struggled with erratic rainfall and a fragile economy this year, but now they look set to suffer the effects of an El Niño-related drought.  In a bid to help an estimated 3.9 million people who face severe food insecurity between now and April, the World Food Programme (WFP) and partners are stepping up relief to those most in need. WFP’s Niels Balzer spoke with UN News's Daniel Johnson.

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News in Brief 13 November 2018

  • UN food agency appeals for access to key storage facility amid fight for Hudaydah
  • Sea tragedy claims lives of Afghans trying to reach Greek islands
  • El Niño likely to cause worsening food situation for 3.9 million in Zimbabwe
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News in Brief 4 April 2017 – Geneva (AM)

El Nino concerns growing for Peru and Ecuador

Peru and parts of Ecuador are in the grip of the El Nino weather phenomenon and there are growing indications that it could spread more widely.

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News in Brief 21 March 2017 (AM) – Geneva

UNHCR alarm over Cameroon forced returns to Nigeria

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News in Brief 7 February 2017 (PM)

Surge in fighting in eastern Ukraine forces children out of school

Thousands of children have been forced out of schools in eastern Ukraine following last week’s surge in fighting, humanitarian organisations in the country have confirmed.

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Five million suffer from hunger in drought-hit Somalia

More than five million people in Somalia do not have enough to eat and over a million require life-saving aid, the head of the UN food agency in the country has said.

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Seed distributions help drought-hit Ethiopia farmers “bounce back”

A seed distribution campaign has helped Ethiopian farmers “bounce back” following a severe drought caused by the El Niño weather phenomenon, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has said.

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Climate change “biggest human rights issue” in world

Climate change is one of the biggest human rights issue in the world today and it’s also a matter of justice, a senior UN envoy said on Tuesday.

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UN and Africa: focus on Ethiopia farmers, access to food and child soldiers

Farmers need extra US$45 million to ward off El Niño in Ethiopia

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