Condemning latest violence, UN chief urges Egyptians to find common ground

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned the deadly terrorist attack that took place on Tuesday on the police headquarters in Mansoura, Egypt, while also voicing concern at the deteriorating human rights and political climate in the country.

Egypt: UN cites ‘worrying escalation’ in harassment of civil society, rights defenders

The United Nations human rights office today called on Egyptian authorities to immediately release all individuals detained in relation to their work as human rights defenders, noting a “worrying escalation” in the harassment and intimidation of civil society in the country.

Amid ongoing Egyptian protests, UN chief urges rethinking anti-demonstrations law

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today expressed serious concern about the detentions and violent dispersal of protesters in Egypt, including reports of sexual assault.

New anti-demonstration law in Egypt must be amended, urges UN rights chief

The United Nations human rights chief today warned that a new law restricting demonstrations in Egypt is seriously flawed and must be amended or repealed.

Egypt: As state of emergency expires, Ban stresses respect for freedom of assembly

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has stressed the importance of respecting the right to freedom of assembly as well as peaceful protest, as the state of emergency that has been in place for three months in Egypt expires.

Human Rights chief details plans of possible office in Egypt

The UN Human Rights High Commissioner was in New York recently for her annual briefing to the General Assembly’s Third Committee which deals with social, humanitarian and cultural issues.

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Ban strongly condemns ongoing violence in Egypt

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned the violence in Egypt which killed more than fifty people during a national holiday on Sunday, and today’s attacks against military personnel and facilities, which reportedly killed eight people and injured many more.

Egypt: Ban appeals for peace, non-violence ahead of planned mass demonstrations

Voicing concern at serious violence today in Cairo, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stressed the importance of peaceful protest, respect for freedom of assembly and commitment to non-violence ahead of announced demonstrations marking a national holiday in Egypt on Sunday.

Egypt’s transitional government to end next spring, Foreign Minister says in UN speech

Egypt’s Foreign Minister told the United Nations General Assembly that the transition that has been in place since the removal of Mohamed Morsy in July should end by next spring, following the holding of parliamentary and presidential elections.

UNESCO mission confirms Egypt’s Malawi museum ransacked

Experts from the United Nations cultural agency have confirmed that nearly all the collections of the Malawi National Museum in Upper Egypt have been looted following last month’s unrest.