Voicing concern at recent breaches, UN calls on Egypt to ensure basic rights

The United Nations human rights office today voiced concern at recent events in Egypt, including the military trial and jailing of a blogger/activist, and called on the interim authorities to ensure full respect for basic freedoms.

UN calls for independent probe into latest Egyptian clashes

The United Nations human rights office today voiced its regret over the loss of life in the violent clashes on Sunday in the Egyptian capital and called on authorities to carry out an impartial and independent investigation into the incident.

Ban voices deep sadness after killing of protesters in Egyptian capital

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has voiced deep sadness at last night’s clashes in Cairo that have reportedly left at least 24 people dead and called on all Egyptians to preserve “the spirit of the historic changes” that took place earlier this year.

Intensified efforts needed to end Middle East conflict, Egypt tells UN debate

Egypt’s Foreign Minister today issued a call at the United Nations for stepped-up efforts to end the Middle East conflict, accusing Israel of prolonging negotiations for the sake of it and carrying out actions that prevent a solution from being reached.

Ban discusses Egypt’s democratic transition process with Foreign Minister

Egypt’s transition to democracy following the ouster of the regime of Hosni Mubarak was among the issues discussed in a meeting between Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the country’s Foreign Minister on the margins of the annual United Nations General Assembly.

Ban sounds alarm at rising violence and renewed tensions in Egypt and Tunisia

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke out today against the recent violence in Egypt and Tunisia, urging the countries’ authorities and peoples not to waste the opportunity created by this year’s democratic revolutions in North Africa.

Egypt makes progress on human rights but challenges remain, UN team finds

Egypt has made progress on human rights since the revolution that toppled the regime of Hosni Mubarak earlier this year, a United Nations team reported, while noting a number of challenges that need to be tackled such as combating impunity and ensuring an inclusive dialogue during the transition period.

Visiting Egypt, Ban urges country to serve as inspiration for wider Arab world

A successful transition in Egypt towards greater democracy can inspire the rest of the region, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today, urging the country to continue with its recent reforms by holding fair and transparent elections soon, upholding the rights of women and minorities and encouraging the development of a free press.

UN labour chief welcomes Egypt’s pledge to respect trade union freedom

The head of the United Nations Labour Organization (ILO) today welcomed a declaration by the Egyptian minister in charge of manpower that trade unions will be registered and allowed to function freely, and pledged the agency’s support for efforts to improve working conditions in the country.

UN political chief pledges continued support for transition in Egypt

The United Nations stands ready to support Egypt’s political transition, the United Nation’s top political official has said, noting the world body understands that the process must be led by Egyptians.