UN and Africa: focus on North-east Nigeria, UN camps in South Sudan and solar energy in Nigeria

North-east Nigeria’s problems principally due to “development failures”

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Education, women’s empowerment “top priorities” for UN in India

In order to meet the challenges of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), India should prioritize women’s empowerment and educatio

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Women and children plead for peace in South Sudan ‘ghost town’

Women and children are urging authorities in South Sudan to restore peace in the town of Yei.

Violence between Government and opposition forces which erupted last year has forced thousands to flee.

Dianne Penn reports.

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Solar energy and GPS bringing education to Nigeria's nomad children

There is much the world can learn from nomadic cultures, according to a man who is using solar energy, GPS technology and virtual reality to bring education to children in Fulani communities in northwest Nigeria.

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“Smart tech” used to teach Sudan’s former child soldiers

An innovative project that has given former child soldiers access to education in Sudan shows the value of embracing technology for sustainable development, the UN said on Thursday.

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Education critical in preventing adolescent pregnancy, underscores UN agency

Girls with higher levels of education are less likely to have an early and unintended pregnancy, the United Nations education agency said today, launching a new technical paper with recommendations for the education sector.