Nearly one dozen African nations sign up for UN-backed education scheme

Nearly one dozen African nations have joined forces to participate in a United Nations-backed programme to bolster education and training in rural areas.

UNESCO report paints mixed picture on progress towards ‘education for all’ goal

The number of children enrolled in primary school, the percentage of girls attending classes and the amount of money spent on education have all soared in the past decade, according to a United Nations report released today, but adult illiteracy levels remain stubbornly high and the cost of schooling in much of the world continues to limit access for millions of children.

Students, teachers, schools face deliberate attacks in conflict areas – UNESCO

A major United Nations study on the impact of conflict on education finds students, teachers and schools under concerted and deliberate attack and calls for urgent measures to protect the academic future of children living in war zones.

Global education spending concentrated in few countries – UNESCO report

A new publication by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) shows that global spending on education is concentrated in just a few countries, with the education budget of a single country like France or Italy outweighing education spending across all of sub-Saharan Africa.