UN experts criticize Ecuador’s ‘strategy to asphyxiate’ civil society human rights groups

Five United Nations human rights experts have condemned Ecuador for suppressing civil society following a Government order to close a non-governmental organization (NGO) that supports environmental and indigenous rights.

“Affordable, absolutely green” housing showcased at UN conference

Housing that is “fast, affordable and absolutely green” will free up cities of the future to build without using any concrete.

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“Pop-up public space” provides 3D lab for urban design

“Pop-up public spaces” combined with what have been described as “democratic three-dimensional tools” are proving an effective way to engage poor communities in urban design.

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Indigenous in Canada “marginalized” in cities “for decades”

Indigenous people in Canada have been marginalized when it comes to city life “for many decades” with women and girls suffering a “disproportionate level of violence.”

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Ecuador eyes new generation of sustainable bamboo homes

A new generation of sustainable bamboo houses that take just 20 days to build could be part of the answer to making cities more sustainable and resilient.

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Aviation sector implements “innovative measures” to protect the planet

Although air travel accounts for less than two per cent of the emissions that contribute to global warming, the aviation industry is doing its part to protect the environment.

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UN Gender Focus: South Sudan, LGBT community and Sustainable Development Goals

South Sudan at “tipping point” warns woman activist

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“Action is at the base” implementing New Urban Agenda for Africa

When it comes to the New Urban Agenda for world cities, action needs to start at “the base” and not come from the top-down.

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Risk of “outright violence” increasing against LGBT in cities

The risk of “outright violence” against the LGBT community is growing in cities but hopes are high that a newly-adopted agenda for future urban living will create more “safe spaces”.

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Widening the “safety net” and “digital food” in cities

Cities of the future will have an expanded “social safety net,” including more “digital food” for the needy, according to the deputy chief of the World Food Programme (WFP).

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