Ecuador: UN food agency to provide assistance to victims of Tungurahua volcano

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) announced today that it will distribute rations among 25,000 people that were evacuated in the Andean region after the Tungurahua volcano erupted earlier this month affecting more than 100,000 people affected in six provinces of Ecuador.

In wake of volcanic eruption in Ecuador, UN agencies provide humanitarian aid

Several United Nations agencies are stepping in to provide relief assistance to Ecuador after last week’s deadly volcanic eruption in the central part of the Andean country.

UN offers aid to Ecuador as thousands evacuated after Tungurahua Volcano erupts

United Nations agencies are offering humanitarian assistance to the Government of Ecuador after Tungurahua Volcano erupted, spewing out pyroclastic flows, shooting ash six kilometres into the air and forcing more than 3,600 people from high-risk areas to be evacuated.

Ecuador: UN agency appeals for just $10 a head to help Colombian refugees

The United Nations refugee agency is appealing for just $69,000 by the end of the month – a mere $10 per person – to help 7,200 Colombians who have fled into Ecuador from violence in their homeland.

UN expert: Ecuador’s indigenous people lack adequate access to social services

Despite recent economic growth in Ecuador, the country’s indigenous people remain impoverished and lack adequate access to even basic social services, a United Nations human rights expert said today, warning that the absence of key legislation covering their rights is already causing violent disputes.

Ecuador seeks additional funding for 28,000 families hit by flooding, UN says

With the support of the United Nations, Ecuador is seeking additional international support for relief and recovery efforts for 28,000 families in the wake of the flooding and landslides caused by the heavy rains that have soaked the country since early February.

Ecuador: UN agency to feed 5,000 families who fled floods

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has made plans with the Ecuadorian Government to provide food for some 5,000 families forced to flee their homes after torrential rains caused renewed flooding along the country’s coast.

As rains continue, UN assists flood victims in Ecuador

With some 17,000 families directly or indirectly affected by flooding and landslides in Ecuador, United Nations agencies today announced plans for emergency relief focusing on food, drinking water, medicines and sanitation supplies as well as assistance for the repair and reconstruction of homes.

UNESCO condemns murder of two journalists in Ecuador

Stressing once again that freedom of the press is essential for democracy and rule of law, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today deplored the murder of two journalists in Ecuador.