Robotics provide teen girls with path to personal and professional development

Learning how to build and programme your own robot promotes personal development while also providing a pathway to careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).

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Record 141 million people need humanitarian aid

Protracted conflicts and disasters have left a record 141 million people in need of humanitarian help, the UN’s Emergency Relief chief said on Wednesday.

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Under-reporting of sexual abuse in India “pandemic”: youth advocate

Confronting “pandemic” under-reporting of sexual crimes and “victim-blaming” practices are key challenges in the fight against gender inequality in India.

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Youth must have a say in decisions about their sexual health: advocate

Stigma around sexuality in young people can hinder conversations with policy makers, but young people have a “right to participate” in decisions about their sexual health, a youth advocate says.

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Sexual education in Uganda schools can protect youth from HIV

Comprehensive sex education programmes are important to stop the spread of HIV among young people, a Programme Director for the Uganda Network of Young Positives has said.

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Putting youth in leadership positions always “pays off”, says UN envoy

Young people are still seen as a “problem and liability” in some parts of the world, and yet the UN has shown that putting them in leadership positions always “pays off”.

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Youth “ready and able to do heavy lifting” to implement SDGs

Young people are “ready and able to do the heavy lifting” to implement the Sustainable Development Goals, the UN Youth Envoy has urged.

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News in Brief 27 January 2017 (PM)

Conference supports women’s peace efforts in Libya

Peace cannot be achieved in Libya without the active participation of women.

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Colombia set to accomplish more after end of 50-year conflict

Colombia is addressing its biggest challenge ever: ending more than five decades of armed conflict.

That’s according to the Special Adviser to the nation’s President on Humanitarian Affairs, Paula Gaviria.

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UN and Africa: focus on Sahel region, Dadaab camp and drought in Zimbabwe

Sahel suffers poverty, climate change and violent extremism: UN

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