US productivity gap with rest of world widens - UN report

United States productivity accelerated in 2002, surpassing Europe and Japan in terms of annual output per worker for the first substantial period since World War II, and widening the productivity gap with the rest of the world, according to a new study by the United Nations labour agency.

Africa’s development impacted by lack of farm trade reform – UN report

Faltering global talks on farm trade reform and increased United States subsidies for its crop and dairy industries could impede Africa’s efforts to achieve the goals of reducing poverty and hunger set by the United Nations Millennium Summit of 2000, according to the latest report of the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).

Trade slump and unemployment hold back world economy - UN annual survey

Political uncertainties that sidetracked a once-promising economic recovery are easing, but the persisting slowdown in trade and investment and rising unemployment continue to hold back world growth as well as hopes for significant progress on poverty reduction, according to the United Nations' annual economic survey released today.

Uncertainties, policy constraints to slow world economic rebound in 2003, UN predicts

Despite the 2001-2002 shakeout in equities and tech investment, political and macroeconomic risks and uncertainties will continue to impede a decisive return to strong world economic growth in this year and beyond, the United Nations projects in a new report launched today in New York.