Economic development

Somalia conference gives hope for secure future

Somalia’s leaders are committed to ensuring a safe and sustainable future for the country’s people, but no-one should be under any illusion that this may take a long time, a senior UN official said on Tuesday.

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Raising the profile of UN Volunteers in Sudan

Building roads, empowering young people and contributing to peace and development efforts: these are just some of the duties performed by more than 200 international and local volunteers working with the UN in Sudan.

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News in Brief 30 November 2017 (PM)

South-South expo draws to a close

Representatives from southern hemisphere countries have underscored their commitment to strengthening partnerships and cooperation to achieve global development goals.

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UN and Africa: Youth empowerment, space technology and legally defining sexual violence

Space technology helping UNDP improve the livesof people in need

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'Knowledge broker' role of UN key for South-South Cooperation

The UN plays a “dynamic” role as a “knowledge-broker” bringing together governments, experts and the private sector to help development in the southern hemisphere.

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News in Brief 29 November 2017 (AM)

End conflict by establishing an independent Palestine, urges Guterres

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Space technology helping UNDP to improve lives of people in need

Space-based applications and technologies are helping the UN Development Programme (UNDP) to deliver its projects in a faster, more efficient and safer way, according to a senior official there.

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South-South cooperation shows leadership in collaboration

An increasing number of countries in the southern hemisphere are contributing to global humanitarian efforts, which the UN Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator considers an “encouraging” development.

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FAO online database aims to protect local livestock diversity

Safeguarding livestock diversity is the objective of the latest version of an online database launched by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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News in Brief 28 November 2017 (PM)

New UN initiative aims to train young leaders in the global south

A new UN partnership aims to empower and train young leaders in the southern hemisphere.

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