Economic development

UN Economic and Social Council works to generate opportunities for all


Promoting full employment, identifying solutions to global economic, social and health problems, and encouraging respect for human rights.

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Job-seeking youth hard hit by global economic crisis

Go to school. Graduate. Get a good job. That is the path young people have been told to follow from their earliest years. But the ongoing financial and economic crisis has changed that.

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Women-run advocacy organization improves lives in Nepal

Women at the grassroots in Nepal are being empowered to address all forms of violence against them and their children.

Community-based Paralegal Committee programmes, supported by UNICEF, were created initially to stop the trafficking of persons.

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World food prices down, but Africa still a concern

World food prices fell in the last three months of 2011, but they’re still 24 per cent higher than they were in 2010.

That’s according to the World Bank which released its latest Food Price Watch report on Tuesday in Washington DC.

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UNDP’s “Energy Plus” approach brings power and progress to rural areas

It’s 2012 and still roughly 800 million people in Asia and the Pacific lack access to electricity.

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Economic global recovery faltering

An increasing amount of economic data is being published which is showing that economic global recovery is faltering at least in the developed world.

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Africa defies global downward economic trend

Africa’s economy continues to grow strongly defying the global trend according to a United Nations economic report.

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IT sector sparking economic growth in Africa

Economic growth in Africa is getting a boost from the IT sector according to one young entrepreneur from Kenya.

Kariuku Gathitu is the founder of Zege Technologies, a software company specializing in mobile money transfers.

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Algeria chairs bloc of developing countries and China

As the new chair of the Group of 77 and China, Algeria has vowed to combine efforts with developed countries to resolve the financial crisis.

The G 77 is a bloc of developing countries including China, whose goal is to advance their economic well-being.

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Slovak official to lead UN Economic and Social Council

Slovak ambassador Miloš Koterec was elected today to serve as President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), one of the six principal organs of the UN and the main body tasked with coordinating work in those two fields worldwide.