Economic development

Report lays out “baseline” for progress in gender equality

Although women are outpacing men in achieving higher levels of education, they are still more likely to pursue the humanities as opposed to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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Women living longer but still face serious challenges worldwide

Women around the world are living longer than ever, but still face formidable challenges when it comes to issues of equality.

That’s just one of the findings of a new report on the lives of women released by the United Nations on Tuesday.

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Rich yet Poor: The Democratic Republic of the Congo

If there's one country that exemplifies the difficulty in transforming mineral wealth into inclusive growth, it's the Democratic Republic of Congo; that’s according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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Political will needed to eradicate hunger

The international community is being urged to find the political will to help break the cycle of poverty by promoting the new global development goal on hunger.

The UN says, 800 million people around the still do not get enough to eat.

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Development aid must benefit women

The international community is being urged to put commitments to gender equality into action by ensuring that development assistance to post-conflict countries also reaches women on the ground.

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Telecoms should serve society, not just corporations

Information technology should focus less on business and more on civil society, according to one media guru, speaking at the UN’s major telecoms conference this week.

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Social protection breaking cycle of rural poverty

Social protection is emerging as a critical tool in the drive to end hunger, although the vast majority of the world’s rural poor are yet to be covered.

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Africa committed to “silencing the guns” by 2020

Although Africa is on the path to economic development and greater integration, conflict continues to be a “big obstacle” to progress, according to a senior officer with a regional organization on the continent.

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UN celebrates Africa Week

It’s all about Africa as Africa Week kicks off this Monday at UN Headquarters in New York.

During this special week the UN showcases the continent’s advancement.

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Africa’s “ambitious agenda” backed by UN

Africa’s plan to create a free trade zone across the continent will be fully supported by the UN, according to a senior official working on African issues.

Political leaders have set the target of 2017 for the Continental Free Trade Agreement to be implemented.

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