Economic development

Africa: Beyond Commodity Dependence

The volatility in prices of raw commodities has affected many regions in recent years, including those in Sub Saharan Africa.

That is because the price of a commodity whether, oil or cocoa, can make or break the health of a country in this region.

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Women not benefiting from economic progress: UN official

The central role of women in development is being discussed at a two-day meeting taking place in Vienna, Austria.

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Bad policies have caused underdevelopment in Africa: UN scholar

A number of African countries are making progress in economic development, according to a scholar at the United Nations University in Helsinki, Finland.

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More women globally are without jobs than men: ILO

Women around the world face higher unemployment rates than men, according to a new report issued by the International Labour Organization (ILO) on Tuesday.

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Sahel crisis under spotlight in Security Council

The ongoing crisis in the Sahel region of Africa was under the spotlight in the Security Council on Monday.

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ILO reports slow growth in global wages

The economic and financial crisis has had a strong impact on wages and, by extension, workers.

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Invest in farmers to end poverty and hunger: FAO

The more than one billion farmers worldwide should be at the centre of investments in the agricultural sector, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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New website links Ghanaian Diaspora to Ghana

A website has been launched this week to create links between the three million Ghanaians living abroad and their country’s development.

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Kenya: Growing with the flow

Thousands of poor farmers living on the slopes of East Mount Kenya depend on seasonal rains to water their crops.

The water situation in that area of the country has also been affected by decades of excessive logging which reduced forest cover and slowed water flow.

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Twenty-five year old regulations to be updated

Government regulators from 193 countries will discuss updating the rules that regulate telecommunications at a meeting of the International Telecommunications Union in Dubai.

Gerry Adams reports.

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