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UN News/Lucy Dean

“Don’t politicize data,” sustainable entrepreneur urges

Eco-friendly innovators need to use clear and un-politicized data to “let people understand” the environmental impact of their actions.

That’s according to Julie Moffitt, cofounder of ForeLight Inc., a biomanufacturer of naturally derived replacements for colours and dyes used in the cosmetic, food and animal feed industries.

Ms Moffitt was at UN Headquarters as a competitor in MIT Solve, a project from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in which applicants pitched their sustainable innovations to a panel of judges and shared ideas with other applicants.

UN Photo/Andita Listyarini

“Billions” living in coastal areas will benefit from eco-friendly ferries

Eco-friendly ferries are the best method of transport for “billions” living in coastal areas, according to the winner of a million-dollar UN grant, speaking on Wednesday.

Alexandra Bech Gjorv is the chief-executive of SINTEF, an independent research institute based in Norway.

Her institute won the US$1 million competition, organized by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) for its research on solar-powered boat transport.