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UN Photo/Loey Felipe

Durban +20: ‘Nobody’ is free from the impacts of racism, intolerance

As the UN independent expert on contemporary racism and intolerance, Tendayi Achiume leads a worldwide effort to combat related human rights violations and tackle systemic racism, through fact-finding missions on the ground, investigating alleged violations, and submitting her findings to the UN Human Rights Council and General Assembly in New York.

The Zambian-born law professor tells UN News that it was as an undergraduate that she became fascinated with the potential and power that international law has to ease human suffering, and help transform societies.

Derrick León Washington

PODCAST: Durban +20 - forging a creative path in defense of human rights

Growing up in California’s Silicon Valley, African-American Derrick León Washington took note of the socio-economic disparity around him, and knew early on, there was something unjust about what he saw.

Given the opportunity to explore dance as a teenager, he saw most weren’t so lucky, leading him on a mission to explore how he could be of service to his community and beyond.

I Still Believe in Our City.
MK Luff

An illustration of resilience and hope, in the face of anti-Asian hate

The rise in hate crimes against people of Asian and Pacific Island heritage in the United States since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, inspired artist Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya to produce vibrant artworks featuring people of Asian heritage. Displayed in public spaces around New York City, the images, and the messages they convey, have made headlines around the world.