Global deforestation slowing down

The expanse of the world’s forest land is shrinking, but at a slower rate than ever before, according to a new report by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).

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UN anti-racism conference winds down amid NGO expulsions for bad behaviour

The ongoing United Nations anti-racism conference in Geneva concluded its general debate today after hearing statements on new forms of racist discrimination and expelling three non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for disruptive behaviour.

Revised text raises hopes for successful UN anti-racism summit, says official

The United Nations human rights chief today said she hopes the release of a shorter version of the draft outcome document for next month’s anti-racism conference will mark the necessary breakthrough to achieve consensus among States and lead to a successful summit.

Ban pleased US taking part in preparatory talks ahead of UN anti-racism summit

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today welcomed the United States’ decision to participate in preparatory talks for an upcoming review meeting of the landmark 2001 United Nations anti-racism conference which the US, along with Israel, had withdrawn from citing concerns the forum was being used by some to push an anti-Israel agenda.

In symbolic ceremony, South Africa hands over site of anti-racism forum to UN

Flags of the United Nations and South Africa were raised simultaneously in Durban, South Africa, today as part of a ceremony marking the hand-over to the UN of the site of the World Conference against Racism, which opens on 31 August.

Top UN rights official says civic groups must engage society in anti-racism work

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights today urged a forum of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) meeting in advance of the World Conference against Racism to engage every sector of society in the ongoing struggle against discrimination - even reaching out to those with whom they may disagree.

Robinson voices confidence on outcome of UN anti-racism forum in Durban

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights today expressed confidence that the upcoming World Conference against Racism, to be held in Durban, South Africa, will produce a new understanding on dealing with past wrongs in order to build a better future.