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drugs and crime

UN News/Daniel Dickinson

PODCAST: UN boosts fight against drug trafficking in the Golden Triangle

Countries in Southeast Asia are coming together with the support of the UN to tackle what is being described as “one of the biggest drug-trafficking corridors in the world.” Traditionally, the highly addictive drugs, opium and heroin were trafficked out of the region, but now more dangerous synthetic drugs are being manufactured in remote jungle laboratories in ever larger quantities. Daniel Dickinson travelled to the north of Thailand for this special edition of The Lid Is On.

“Only one out of 100 people are rescued” from human trafficking

Only one out of 100 people are rescued from human trafficking according to a senior UN official working on the issue.

Simone Monasebian is head of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in New York.

Victims of human trafficking include those in arranged marriages; forced labour, sexual exploitation, child labour, child soldiers, and even those whose bodily organs are stolen.