Global spotlight on world drug problem ‘is personal’ for many families, says UN chief

The United Nations focused a global spotlight on the world-wide drug problem during a high-level counter-narcotics event on Monday in which Secretary-General António Guterres flagged that this “is personal.” 

Updating essential drugs list, UN health agency aims to preserve potency of 'last resort' antibiotics

As part of its effort to combat growing drug resistance, the United Nations health agency today announced that it is classifying antibiotics into three categories and providing new advice on which to use for common infections and which to preserve for the most serious circumstances.

Peace efforts and sustainable development top agenda at UN agency’s narcotics conference

The top United Nations panel dealing with all aspects of narcotic drugs opened its 60th session today with a focus on peace and security, as well as on helping Governments reach their sustainable development commitments.

UN health agency lists antibiotic-resistant bacteria which pose human threat

The United Nations health agency today published its first-ever catalogue of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that pose the greatest threat to human health.

Global drug dependency up to 29m people

The number of adults who are dependent on drugs globally has increased by two million to 29 million people, according to a report released by the UN on Thursday.

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Record 29 million people drug-dependent worldwide; heroin use up sharply – UN report

The number of people suffering from drug use disorders has increased disproportionally for the first time in six years in 2014, while the number of people who used at least one drug stayed at five per cent of the adult population, according to the annual report prepared by the United Nations.

UN Gender Focus: poverty eradication, female peacekeepers and drug abuse by women

“Virtuous” not “vicious” cycle needed to tackle poverty, gender equality

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In Vienna, UN urges focus on ‘shared responsibility’ to combat illicit drugs

Ahead of a special session on drugs at the United Nations General Assembly, senior United Nations officials today focused on the people affected by drugs and the shared international responsibility in stopping the suffering caused by these illicit substances.

Drug treaties' aim is health, not 'war on drugs,' says UN expert report

The ultimate goal of the international drug control treaties is to ensure the health and welfare of mankind, according to a United Nations-backed report, which this year underscored that the objectives of the conventions are often misinterpreted as mandating a “war on drugs.”

Ban warns illicit drugs impede sustainable development, calls for every solution to be weighed

Illicit drugs promote violence, impede sustainable development, endanger communities and undermine people's health, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned today, calling on the global community to weigh every option available to confront the issue.