Opium cultivation in Asia’s Golden Triangle falls significantly, UN drug agency reports

Opium poppy cultivation in the Golden Triangle of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, the world’s second largest source of the raw material for heroin after Afghanistan, fell 29 per cent in 2006, bringing the total decline in the region since 1998 to 85 per cent, the United Nations anti-narcotics agency reported on Monday.

Deadly heroin overdoses could soar with surge in Afghan opium production, UN warns

The world’s health authorities should prepare for a significant increase in the number of deaths from heroin overdoses following a dramatic surge in opium production in Afghanistan this year, the United Nations top narcotics fighter has warned.

UN anti-terrorism official calls for more global cooperation to tackle transnational crime

A top United Nations anti-terrorism official has urged greater global cooperation to combat transnational crime and drug trafficking, warning that the scourge is one of the greatest challenges to international peace and security.

Afghan poppy growing requires security, law enforcement response – UN official

A sharp rise in opium cultivation in Afghanistan – by far the world’s largest supplier – must be met with security and law enforcement as well as efforts to reduce demand in the countries where illegal drug users reside, a senior United Nations official said today.

UN drug chief sounds alarm over European cocaine consumption, Afghan opium

Cocaine consumption in Western Europe is reaching alarming levels while opium production in Afghanistan could rise again this year despite a welcome decline in 2005, but overall the world drug problem is being contained, according to a new United Nations report released today.

Do sports, not drugs: new UN-backed anti-narcotics programme targets youth

A United Nations-backed programme to use sport to prevent drug use and criminal behaviour among young people was officially launched today with both officials and sports stars stressing the importance of a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

UN agencies use ‘star power’ to push causes from war on drugs to building better cities

Using the worlds of sports, academia and music to amplify their messages, United Nations agencies have selected a series of ‘stars’ in each area to help tackle issues ranging from crime and drug abuse by the young to the battle against child exploitation to urban planning.

Ton of cocaine incinerated in UN-backed operation in Kenya

Some $90 million worth of cocaine went up in smoke in Nairobi, Kenya, today in a United-Nations back incineration that underlined the world body's major role in combating the global illicit drug trade.

UN anti-crime office joins with Asian Development Bank to fight illicit drug trade

Expanding their existing cooperation, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have agreed to join forces in fighting illicit drugs, money-laundering and corruption.