UN anti-drug office calls for probe after adviser's resignation over 'irregularities'

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) today called for an independent investigation after one of its advisers resigned, citing allegations of corruption in the body.

Organized crime spreading, using modern technology, UN panel told

The head of the United Nations drug and crime office has reported that sub-Saharan Africa is the region most impacted by organized crime, and that outlaws were increasingly turning to high technology.

Synthetic drug abuse exceeds that of heroin and cocaine combined - UN

The first-ever United Nations global survey on ecstasy and amphetamines, released in Rome today, reveals a striking picture of rising production, trafficking and abuse of synthetic drugs worldwide.

UN anti-narcotics chief calls on former Soviet states to step up war on drugs

Warning that drug trafficking bankrolls global terrorism, the head of the United Nations anti-narcotics agency today called on the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union to step up the war on illicit drugs, especially in view of large-scale opium production in nearby Afghanistan.

UN survey shows stable coca production in Peru, no major shift from Colombia

A new United Nations survey shows that that coca cultivation in Peru has remained stable over the past year - dispelling fears of a possible shift in coca growing from neighbouring Colombia, where a considerable decline had been recently registered.

World leaders recommit to drug control measures at UN drug commission

Recognizing that the illicit drug problem is still a global challenge that constitutes a serious threat to health, development and security, world health ministers and top government officials at an annual meeting of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (UNCND) adopted a set of recommendations to enhance the implementation of drug control measures.

Learn why young people take to drugs to solve the problem – UNICEF

Society must understand the reasons why young people turn to drugs rather than just punish them if it wants to solve the problem of addiction, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) told an international conference on drug use today.

UN forecasts 100-ton drop in worldwide cocaine production

In a major achievement in the international fight against illicit drugs, the United Nations anti-drug office today said it expected a removal of 100 tons of cocaine from world markets, due to a 30 per cent decrease in Colombian coca cultivation.

UN anti-drug agency steps up fight against narcotics trafficking in Balkans

United Nations officials and police chiefs from seven Balkan countries have taken a further step to enhance intelligence-based policing in the battle against illegal narcotics trafficking through the region.

Drug trade harms economic growth, UN-linked narcotics panel finds

An independent panel overseeing United Nations drug treaties warned today that the narcotics trade harms long-term economic growth in the developing world and also strongly cautioned against any moves to legalize illicit drugs.