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‘One size fits none’ approach to young terrorists ‘could really backfire’: new UN University report

How does a child end up working for a terrorist organization that’s responsible for killing his own father?

That’s one of the questions addressed by a new report from the UN University (UNU) that’s drawn on two years of fieldwork.

For out latest Lid Is On podcast, Matt Wells has been talking to Siobhan O’Neil, leader of the Children and Extreme Violence Project for UNU.

UNMIL/Staton Winter

Time for Liberia to “step up” and assume full security role

Liberia is officially assuming full responsibility for national security in the country on Friday, taking over from the UN mission UNMIL.

The mission was established in 2003 following years of civil war and conflict in the West African country.

Five thousand new police officers have been trained in order to support the transition.

Olive Thomas has been talking to UNMIL’s Russell Geekie.

Duration: 4’38

Women police in UN missions, sometimes “just better communicators”

Women serving in UN missions around the world are often “just the better communicators” when it comes to community policing.

That’s the view of Stefan Feller, the UN Police Adviser for the world body’s peacekeeping operations department (DPKO).

He said that “for years and years”, the UN has been asking member states to contribute more women to police service, but it’s been an uphill struggle.

UN rule of law, security officials outline key priorities for 2008

Ensuring that United Nations disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) efforts are more fully integrated into the overall peace processes, getting quality staff and developing new partnerships are among the key priorities for the newly created Office of Rule of Law and Security Institutions (OROLSI), according to its senior officials.