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UN Photo/Manuel Elías

Sustainable fashion leader pins hope on humanitarian values

Changing the fashion industry and making it more aware of global humanitarian and environmental concerns, demands expertise, and above all, passion.

That’s the view of Patrick Duffy, the founder of Global Fashion Exchange - an international sustainable fashion platform - who led a UN conference panel this week, on the use of clothing as a vehicle for change.

Prudence Upton

More famous landmarks set to turn “UN Blue”

The Great Wall of China and the Palace in Monaco have joined a growing list of famous landmarks that will be lit for the “Turn the World UN Blue” campaign.

Well over 200 landmarks in more than 60 countries will be bathed in blue lights on Saturday, 24 October to mark 70 years since the founding of the United Nations.  From New Zealand to Zimbabwe, notable landmarks all around the world will participate in the event.

UN Photo/Mark Garten

Maintain focus on Middle East peace process through media

The media has an important role to play in maintaining the international focus on the Middle East peace process, according to a senior UN official

The annual UN International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East, aims to enhance dialogue and understanding between Israelis and Palestinians.

Participants at the seminar held in Astana in Kazakhstan looked at the challenges facing the media in covering the Israeli-Palestinian story.

Cristina Gallach the UN Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information was there.

Upcoming UN conference to focus on Declaration of Human Rights

Around 2000 civil society groups are slated to attend the upcoming annual United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) conference on non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which will focus this year on the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a senior UN official said today.

New UN communications chief outlines priorities for 2007

Delivering his first major policy address since assuming the top United Nations communications post earlier this year, Under-Secretary-General Kiyotaka Akasaka today described efforts to reorient the Department for Public Information (DPI) both structurally and programmatically, and said priority attention would be paid to peace and security, climate change, development and human rights.