UN stresses dog vaccinations, public awareness as key to eliminating rabies

The United Nations and a partner agency have called for the elimination of rabies and stressed mass dog vaccinations and public awareness as the key to breaking the cycle of transmission of a disease that claims an estimated 60,000 people every year, many of them children.

Global efforts to promote health face serious challenges from ‘big business’ – UN official

Efforts to promote good health are more vital than ever given that non-communicable diseases have overtaken infectious diseases as the leading cause of death, a senior United Nations official said today, while also warning that they face daunting challenges, including from ‘big business’.

UN health agency confirms 10th case of Novel Coronavirus infection

The United Nations health agency today confirmed the latest case of Novel Coronavirus, bringing to 10 the total number of cases detected globally of this rare illness.

New global strategy targets raft of neglected tropical diseases – UN health agency

Dengue, leprosy, river blindness and guinea-worm disease are among 17 neglected tropical diseases now targeted by a new global strategy, supported by worldwide partners, that provides a steady supply of quality medications, the United Nations health agency said today.

UN health agency working with Ugandan authorities to combat Marburg outbreak

The United Nations health agency is working with the Government of Uganda to control an outbreak of Marburg haemorrhagic fever in the African country’s western district of Kabale.

New UN initiative uses mobile technology to help fight non-communicable diseases

Two United Nations agencies today launched a new initiative called ‘m-Health’ to use mobile technology, particularly text messaging and applications, to help tackle non-communicable illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and chronic respiratory diseases.

UN health agency: eradication of guinea-worm disease on track as number of cases drops

The United Nations health agency is reporting a continuing decline in the number of guinea worm cases – one of two diseases, along with polio, that it says is slated for eradication.

Ahead of World Hepatitis Day, UN health agency urges greater efforts to fight disease

Ahead of World Hepatitis Day, the United Nations health agency is urging Governments to strengthen efforts to fight viral hepatitis, while also providing new measures to help tackle the disease.

UN launches new guidelines in fight against chikungunya

United Nations health officials have unveiled new guidelines to help countries throughout the Americas detect and prevent transmission of the mosquito-borne chikungunya virus – a disease which has already infected more than two million people around the world.

UN spearheads new drug standards to save African herds from deadly disease

Improved drug standards aimed at protecting the quality of veterinary medicines used to treat a deadly infectious disease will help save the herds of millions of African smallholder farmers from decimation, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced today.