UN urges action to help hundreds of millions of sufferers of diabetes

With almost 350 million people worldwide now suffering from diabetes, and the number expected to keep rising, the United Nations today called on governments and drug companies to ensure that sufferers have the care and treatment they deserve.

UN calls for action against diseases caused by tobacco, pollution, and lack of exercise

A top UN official today called on governments, private companies and individuals to join in the battle against non-communicable diseases (NCDs), those that are linked to tobacco, pollution, food and lack of exercise.

Countries facing double burden with chronic and infectious diseases – UN report

An increasing number of countries face a double burden of disease as the prevalence of risk factors for chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancers increase and many nations still struggle to reduce maternal and child deaths caused by infectious diseases, according to a United Nations statistical health report released today.

New pneumonia vaccine targets leading cause of child deaths worldwide – UN

Hundreds of infants in Kenya received their first shots against pneumococcal disease today at a special United Nations-backed event to celebrate the global roll-out of vaccines targeting the world’s leading cause of child deaths – pneumonia.