Rising racial discrimination undermines development goals, UN warns

Although the world has made significant strides in the battle against racial discrimination in recent decades, recent reports point to “a disturbing rise” in incidents of a practice that constitutes a formidable obstacle to national development, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned today.

UN panel adopts measure on preventing discrimination in criminal justice systems

The United Nations expert panel monitoring governments’ efforts to ensure racial equality and non-discrimination has approved a recommendation outlining ways to prevent racial discrimination in national criminal justice systems and encouraging States to wipe out bigotry in their law enforcement ranks.

World moves towards gender parity in basic education, UN says

The target of reaching equality in basic education for girls and boys is being met in much of the world, but girls and women still faced inequality in the labour market, in domestic violence and in vulnerability to HIV/AIDS, the United Nations expert on gender issues said today.

Workplace discrimination persists, poses threat to social cohesion – UN

Workplace discrimination is still prevalent and could have disastrous effects on social cohesion and political stability if it continues unchecked, according to a new report released today by the United Nations labour agency.

UN Human Rights Commission hears warning on new, subtler forms of racism

Declaring that new and subtler forms of racism are on the rise, a United Nations human rights expert has warned that the fight against discrimination cannot be won if there is no culture of dialogue and respect between peoples, regions and countries.

Meeting at UN, States elect 12 experts to monitor women's anti-discrimination accord

Meeting at United Nations Headquarters in New York, countries party to a major international treaty protecting women's rights have elected a dozen experts to serve on the committee monitoring implementation of the accord.

UN panel to examine steps by 8 nations to fight discrimination against women

As part of an ongoing effort by the United Nations to end discrimination of women, a UN expert panel will meet in New York next week to examine measures to promote gender equality undertaken by eight countries from different regions of the world.