UNAIDS says “make some noise” for #zerodiscrimination

Discrimination in health care settings is forcing people with HIV and AIDS to “go underground,” causing them to miss out on the essential medical services they need.

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'Make some noise' for safe, supportive HIV/AIDS care, says UN on Zero Discrimination Day

The United Nations agency leading the world's HIV/AIDS response is urging everyone to 'make some noise' for zero discrimination in healthcare settings.

Germany: UN rights panel highlights racial profiling against people of African descent

People of African descent in Germany suffer racial discrimination, Afrophobia and racial profiling in their daily lives, but their situation remains largely invisible to the wider society, a United Nations expert panel said today at the end of its first official visit to the country.

Diversity ‘is richness, not a threat,’ UN chief Guterres tells forum on combatting anti-Muslim discrimination

In a message to an event spotlighting the growing challenges of anti-Muslim discrimination as well as hatred in various contexts, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres appealed today for drawing strength from the principles of inclusion, tolerance and mutual understanding to recognize the value of diversity.

Bullies target physical appearance, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation – UN reports

Nearly a quarter of a billion children and young people world-wide are bullied each year, according to a report released today by the United Nations educational and cultural agency, which found that bullies like to pick on children because of their looks, have ethnic or cultural differences, or due to gender or sexual orientation.

Australian indigenous “disproportionally represented” in justice system

Indigenous people in Australia are “disproportionally represented” in the country’s criminal justice system according to a United Nations rights expert.

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HIV-positive women "face more discrimination than men"

HIV-positive women face more discrimination than men with HIV according to a young activist from India.

Lalchhuanzuali was at the UN to talk about the problems facing young people with HIV, especially in accessing vital services.

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UN Gender Focus: HIV-positive youth, ending violence against women and gender equality

HIV-positive women face more discrimination than men

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UN Gender Focus: intersex awareness and Indigenous people

Estimated 1.7 percent of new-born babies are intersex: UN campaign

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Teenage author encourages children to stand up against bullies

“Saying something” is the first step to fight child bullying, says author and activist Aija Mayrock, who recently spoke at the UN.

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