Disaster Risk Reduction

UN Economic and Social Council urges ‘action now;’ long-term measures to tackle natural disasters

The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) on Wednesday called on UN Member States and the international community to ensure that in the wake of the recent devastating floods, hurricanes and earthquakes that impacted numerous countries, the humanitarian response is complemented by medium- and long-term recovery and reconstruction efforts.

Disaster risk outpaces resilience in Asia-Pacific, warns UN regional commission

Disaster risk is outpacing resilience in Asia-Pacific and putting people in this most disaster-prone region at risk of being pushed back into poverty, the latest report from a United Nations regional commission has revealed.

Disaster protection needn’t cost billions: UN expert

Natural disasters are a major brake on development but low-cost initiatives can counter the threat they pose.

That’s according to senior UN official Robert Glasser, head of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR).

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Women “more vulnerable” to disaster impact, with exceptions

Women continue to be “more vulnerable” to the impacts of disaster, but in some countries its men who are more of a concern.

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Support for the disabled facing disasters “still in a symbolic stage”

Support for people with disabilities around the world who are preparing for disasters is “still in a symbolic stage”.

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Drought a bigger problem than hurricanes for Caribbean farmers

Drought is a bigger, more “insidious” problem for vulnerable farmers in Jamaica and the Caribbean than the more headline-grabbing disasters such as hurricanes.

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Reality "catching up" with short-term thinking on development: UNDP

When it comes to the whole “action agenda” on sustainable development, “reality is catching up” with governments which fail to think long-term.

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“Silent disasters” that destroy crops, too often ignored: FAO

When it comes to preserving crops and agricultural livelihoods, “silent disasters” often go un-reported and can be more numerous and more destructive than hurricanes or floods.

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Progress on reducing disaster risk “but not nearly enough”

There’s been “enormous progress” in reducing the risks associated with disasters throughout the world “but not nearly enough”.

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