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UNFCCC/Kiara Worth

News in Brief 30 November 2023

  • COP28: UN chief warns that world is on course for ‘climate collapse’
  • Israel-Palestine crisis: New pause in fighting extends aid relief window

  • End ‘repugnant’ chemical weapons use once and for all, says UN chief
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News in Brief 28 August 2023

  • ‘End nuclear testing forever’: UN chief
  • States must protect children’s right to a clean and healthy environment: independent experts
  • UN refugee chief hears ‘stories of fear and violence’ from those who fled Sudan
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The challenge of regulating lethal autonomous weapons

With new and emerging technologies, we hear a lot about killer drones, driverless tanks and autonomous airplanes on the modern battlefield.

One issue of particular concern is the use of what are officially known as lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS), which can select and engage targets with force, without human involvement - raising a raft of security, ethical and legal concerns.

What are countries doing to regulate LAWS? And how can international law and the UN respond to this challenge?