Ghanaian twin activists hope for change in negative ‘narrative’ surrounding albinism

Twin activists from Ghana are praying for the day when a child born with albinism “will not be met with scorn, scandal and spectacle.”

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Everyone has 'a moral imperative' to uphold the rights of persons with disabilities, says UN chief

Cementing and protecting the rights of around 1.5 billion people around the world in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is a “moral imperative” said United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Tuesday.

FROM THE FIELD: Rehabilitating lives in Tanzania

A 15-year old girl from the East African country, Tanzania, says an operation to correct a facial disability means that she can “look forward to a future when I am not laughed at.”

Focus on abilities, not disabilities, says leading campaigner from Ghana

The world needs to focus on the “capabilities and abilities” of people with disabilities and “not just the disability.”

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'We need to embrace human diversity': UN disability rights expert

A change of mentality is needed in order to realize greater inclusion of persons with disabilities.

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Paralympic refugee sports liven Syrian boy’s dark past

The first ever Paralympic refugee sports team is providing refugees with disabilities a new way to heal from their traumatic experiences.

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News in Brief 20 June 2017 (PM)

At least 130 feared dead following new shipwrecks in the Mediterranean

At least 130 are dead or missing following three new shipwrecks in the Mediterranean, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) reported on Tuesday.

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Rights for persons with disabilities cover “every single group in society”

Just as people with disabilities represent a diverse cross-section, society must come up with diverse and inclusive solutions that protect their human rights.

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2.7 million children in care homes worldwide: UNICEF

At least 2.7 million children live in care institutions around the world where there's a risk of long-term developmental problems, the UN has warned.

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People with Down syndrome have a “valuable contribution to make”

There needs to be a “paradigm shift” towards understanding that people living with Down syndrome have the right and the ability to work and engage in communities, a Down syndrome advocate has said.

Andrew Boys is Director of Down Syndrome International.

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