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UN News/Daniel Johnson

Countries are unprepared for the digital economy – but the UN can help

The digital economy is worth a staggering $27 trillion, but most countries are ill-prepared to take advantage of it, the UN’s trade and development agency (UNCTAD) warned on Monday.

UNCTAD, is holding a week-long event in Geneva to offer successful policy recommendations on boosting e-commerce, as the agency’s Shamika Sirimanne told Daniel Johnson.

ITU/R. Farrell

Women face cultural and safety barriers in entering the digital economy

Women are more reluctant to engage in the digital economy because of cultural and safety barriers, coupled with a lack of technical skills.

That’s according to Barbara Wanner, Vice President for information, communications and technology (ICT) at the United States Council for International Business.

She’s been attending the Internet Governance Forum in Mexico, organized by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA).